National Work Readiness Certificate Preparation – The WRC is a certification of an individual’s readiness for entry-level work as defined by employers. It is the first assessment for entry-level workers that provides a universal, transferable, national standard for work readiness. The Work Readiness Credential can serve as the first step to help individuals entering the job market to successfully obtain entry-level jobs. Upon entry, individuals can increasingly attain skilled occupational certifications for satisfying careers that pay well enough to support a family and that promote opportunities for future growth and development.

Internship/Job Shadowing – This program is based on the skills determined by the Department of Labor (DOL) for success in the workplace. Students complete assessments and classroom work for skill building in order to ensure that they have the basic skills to be successful. Once students have proven that they have classroom knowledge of the necessary skills, they participate in an internship experience for at least four weeks, working with a job coach to practice and build these skills in a real work situation. Students who are unable to meet the attendance requirements for this program are not placed in an internship.

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