Compensatory EducationThe District must provide transportation as a related service to and from a student’s special education program. The service should be provided to the extent needed by the child in order to benefit from his or her educational program. Students who participate in compensatory education services have a right to these services.

Transportation Services- SoT can provide transportation services so that parents and advocates can request that transportation be added to a student’s compensatory education plan if they are going to be served outside of the home. Students who are able to travel independently parents and advocates can request fair cards or tokens be provided to the student.

Mentoring – SoT provides a one-to-one mentor/mentee service that occurs over a prolonged period of time. The mentor provides consistent support, guidance, and concrete help to a student who is in need of a positive role model. Students involved in the mentoring services may be going through challenging situations or a period of life during which they need extra support, or they may simply need another significant adult present in their life. The goal of mentoring is to help these students to gain the skills and confidence to be responsible for their own future.