We asked students to share with us how Seeds of Tomorrow’s services have made a difference in their lives. Here are excerpts from several students’ stories.


“Before coming to this program, every day when the group home dropped me off at school, I would leave and not attend my classes. I would go to friends’ houses, or I would go uptown to visit other friends.

“Now I am back in school. I enjoy going to school. I am doing good in school. Some of the actions that have been taken have to do with math and reading skills. Since I have been in this program, I have learned how to do division. In reading, they have taught me how to pause and stop when I am reading. They helped me understand when I am having problems understanding something. I am doing fine in the group home. I’ve also learned how to control my anger a lot better.”

S. J., 19 years old


“Before I came to Seeds of Tomorrow, I was at a charter school. I was not taking the classes that I was supposed to take. That’s why I came to Seeds of Tomorrow. When I was going to the other school, there were a lot of people in my class, but it is a lot smaller here and I can learn more. I get more help here, and it seems like people care about you.

“The teachers at Seeds of Tomorrow help us with finding a career. They helped me to bring up my grades, and they are helping me to read better. I feel safer at this school than all the schools I went to. I also like the Life Skills class. It shows you how things are in real life. It teaches how to pay all of your bills and how to budget. They also teach us how to express our feelings in the right way to each other.”

— K. B., 16 years old


“The situation I was in before I came to Seeds of Tomorrow was life threatening. I was out of school for a couple of months because of fighting. I chose to live that street life and chose the fast money. When I did not have any money, I stole from my mother and did many other things. I was not going to change my ways until I got shot. I look at it as if God gave me a second chance.

“At Seeds of Tomorrow, the staff was giving me an opportunity to leave D.C. to better my life. The teachers at the program made sure I stayed on top of my game by doing all assignments that were given to me. The teachers also made sure I came to class every day.”

— K.O., 17 years old


“When I came to Seeds of Tomorrow, they helped me with my spelling and reading. The reading specialist has been helping me to read better and to spell better. I have noticed a big improvement with my spelling, reading, and writing.

“I think that when I leave Seeds of Tomorrow, I will know how to spell good. I will also know how to do my multiplication tables from 1 to 12. I also think that my keyboarding and typing skills will be much better. What I plan on doing when I leave Seeds of Tomorrow is go to college at UDC.”

— S. B., 19 years old


“Mr. K and Mr. N try their best to help me every day I come to school, from personal problems to schoolwork. They give good advice at the best time needed. They recently got me on a baseball team. Mr. K helps me understand my work better by breaking problems down. They understand me for who I am, more than anyone I’ve met in my whole eighteen years on this earth. This is why they help.

“I’ve gotten smarter since I’ve been in this program. My comprehension level was moved to 12th grade level. Also, my multiplication tables got a lot better. And I learned different way to control my anger.”

— T. W., 18 years old