Employability skills are not technical skills. Instead, these are the basic academic, thinking and processing skills needed for success in any position, from an entry-level worker to a corporate CEO. Today, employers look for applicants who are dependable, responsible, and have positive attitudes. These skills are hard to define and not always taught; instead, it is expected that all potential employees have these skills.

Stay Connected™ teaches the importance of these employability skills to youth while helping youth evaluate their own behavior and how it impacts how they demonstrate employability skills. Youth who lack basic skills, have a history of academic failure, or cannot communicate future goals are often automatically ruled out as potential employees, as employers typically assume these youth do not possess the basic employability skills required. Stay Connected™ uses self-assessments, career planning, and targeted skill development to help students build, communicate and demonstrate key employability skills every day.

Connect + Check
The foundation for success: reaching out to connect with youth to set individual goals they want and can achieve. We provide program expectations, a cell phone and an e-coach to every student so that each receives the support, encouragement and problem-solving strategies needed to find success.

Learn + Work
We guide youth through a career exploration process to determine personal strengths and weaknesses and set goals for the future. Then, each student receives the employability and academic instruction needed to reach his employment goals.