Special Education Program/Reading ComprehensionSeeds of Tomorrow develops personalized plans to help students meet their reading needs. The following are just a few of the approved programs used by SoT to target areas of need in reading and to increase students’ comprehension and fluency when reading.

  • Wilson Reading System
  • Achieve Now
  • Read Naturally
  • Skills Tutor

Wilson Reading System is a research-based reading and writing program. It is a complete curriculum for teaching decoding and encoding (spelling), beginning with phoneme segmentation. WRS directly teaches the structure of words in the English language so students master the coding system for reading and spelling. Unlike other programs that overwhelm students with rules, WRS presents the language system of English in a systematic and cumulative manner so that it is manageable. The program provides an organized, sequential system with extensive controlled text to help teachers implement a multisensory structured language arts program.

Achieve Now is a handheld mobile instructional program that excites learners, extends the activities of the classroom, and increases family involvement. PLATO® Achieve Now on PSP, which is proven to increase student achievement, has 29 reading/language arts lessons to engage students.

Read Naturally has helped thousands of students to become better readers. Our industry-leading programs develop and support the five essential components of reading identified by the National Reading Panel: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. The Read Naturally selection of reading-intervention programs can help address the needs of a broad range of at-risk readers.

Skills Tutor is a resource used in one-to-one tutoring sessions to help students make academic progress in reading. Differentiated instruction, diagnostic testing, prescriptive assignments, and automatic reporting are incorporated. A robust management system, which seamlessly integrates into our solutions, is an effective tool to guide instruction and track student progress.
Standards-aligned instruction helps students develop a foundation for learning. Quizzes and tests quickly identify skill deficiencies and prescribe appropriate lessons. Self-paced learning engages students and makes them feel comfortable practicing language arts skills in an interactive environment.

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