We are a Compensatory Education (Comp Ed) provider for District of Columbia Public Schools. Compensatory Education services (sometimes known as make-up services) are designed for students who did not have an appropriate education program for some period of time. This happens when a child with special needs is denied services according to his or her IEP or there is a delay in evaluating the student.

The purpose of Compensatory Education is to help the student make the progress that he or she would have made if an appropriate program had been available. The specific services provided must be tailored to the student’s needs. Compensatory Education can mean extra instruction or related services (such as therapies) provided during the school year or in the summer. For special education students who qualify, we are able to implement Comp Ed Plans, Hearing Officer Determinations (HODs), and Settlement Agreements (SAs) at no cost to parents. Our wide variety of quality services can be provided in the community, homes, or in one of our Tutoring and Resource Centers in Southeast Washington, DC.

Please visit our Educational Services page to see the wide variety of services SoT can provide to implement students’ Comp Ed Plans. SoT also has partnerships with other organizations in situations in which SoT does not offer the services needed for a student.