What is the National External Diploma Program?

The National External Diploma Program (NEDP) provides a unique way for adults to earn a high school diploma. The program allows adults to demonstrate their high school level skills by applying their life experiences in real-life situations.

NEDP awards a traditional high school diploma to adults who have acquired many of their high school level abilities through work, family, and community experiences. NEDP is not a traditional instructional program. Instead, it provides the opportunity for participants to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Because NEDP participants are adults, the program structure offers considerable flexibility. Participants complete parts of the program at home and the other parts in a series of on-site meetings with a trained NEDP advisor and assessor.

What NEDP services does Seeds of Tomorrow provide?

Academic Remediation
Seeds of Tomorrow provides the pre-NEDP or academic remediation needed for a student to meet the requirements to begin the assessment phase of the NEDP program. SoT works with special education students to help them demonstrate their knowledge of the writing, speaking, mathematics, problem solving, reading, and critical-thinking academic skills through the performance of real-life tasks need for the assessment. Embedded in these real-life tasks are sixty-five individual competencies.

Seeds of Tomorrow academic remediation prepares student to enter the next phase of the NEDP program. This phase, the Assessment Phase, also requires that each participant satisfy an individualized competency. We help students prepare for all the different requirements to earn a high school diploma with the NEDP program. We help students meet the following requirements to participate in the NEDP process:
• Occupational/Vocational Competencies
• Specialized Competencies
• Advanced Academic Competency

Once the NEDP participant has satisfied all Assessment Phase requirements, a high school diploma is awarded from a District of Columbia Public School STAY program.

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