Seeds of Tomorrow develops personalized plans to help students reach their math goals. The following are just a few of the approved programs used by SoT to target areas of need in math and increase students’ comprehension and fluency when accuracy.

TouchMath is based on the concept that children learn most effectively when all of their senses are involved. As they see, say, hear, and touch using our signature TouchPoints on the numerals, they easily make the connection between each numeral and the quantity it represents. TouchMath is an effective program because:

  • Its research-driven, multisensory approach works for students of all ability levels and learning styles.
  • TouchPoints helps to develop math literacy and bridge the gap to memorization.
  • The step-by-step methodology guides students through the concrete and pictorial stages to abstract learning.
  • Periodic assessments prepare students for testing.

Achieve Now is a handheld mobile instructional program that excites learners, extends the activities of the classroom, and increases family involvement. PLATO® Achieve Now on PSP includes 28 mathematics adventures to engage students in learning and help them build the foundational skills they need for future success.

Skills Tutor is a solution used in one-to-one tutoring resource to help students make academic progress in math. Differentiated instruction, diagnostic testing, prescriptive assignments, and automatic reporting are incorporated. A robust management system, which seamlessly integrates into our solutions, is an effective tool to guide instruction and track student progress.

Standards-aligned instruction helps students develop a foundation for learning. Quizzes and tests quickly identify skill deficiencies and prescribe appropriate lessons. Self-paced learning engages students and makes them feel comfortable practicing math literacy in an interactive environment.

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