Life Centered Career Education (LCCE) – Daily living skills, personal social skills, and occupational guidance instruction.

Life Centered Career Education (LCCE) teaches you to prepare students to function independently and productively as family members, citizens, and workers, and to enjoy fulfilling personal lives. The LCCE curriculum is an educational system designed to provide students who have mild mental disabilities or learning disabilities or who are “at risk” with the important skills needed to function successfully as productive workers in the home and community. This program offers:

Daily Living Skills – Teaches students to manage personal finances (including using credit cards, check cards, etc.), household management, personal needs, family responsibilities, food preparation, citizenship responsibility, and leisure activities

Personal Social Skills – Helps students develop self-awareness, self-confidence, socially responsible behavior, good interpersonal skills, independence, decision making, and communication skills

Occupational Guidance and Preparation – Opens the door to occupational possibilities and choices in the 21st century, including appropriate work habits, seeking and maintaining employment, physical/manual skills, and specific job competencies