Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I know if my child needs a tutor?
    • You know your child best. If you have a feeling that your child is struggling or not getting the special education services he or she needs, your child may need additional services. If he or she is losing interest in learning, struggling to focus on reading or homework, receiving poor test scores, or developing low self-esteem, it is important to take action early and seek services.
  • What are Compensatory Education Services?

Program Effectiveness

  • Why would I choose Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc., services?
    • SoT designs learning services that begin with each student taking our assessments to determine the child’s academic strengths and needs, or “gaps.” The results of this test allow SoT to design a program specific to those skills that need strengthening. Instruction is designed so students master a skill before they progress to the next one. This mastery includes working on skills independently to ensure retention.
  • Why does Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc., use assessments on my child?
    • SoT need to be sure we know exactly what your child needs in order to unlock the potential we all know is there. Our assessment of your child uses your child’s current assessments along with a combination of formal and informal testing instruments in order to determine skill areas and needs. The results give our service providers the information they need to tailor services exactly to your child’s needs.
  • How will I know that my child is making progress?
    • The positive changes in your child at home and in school will be obvious. Additionally, we will retest your child periodically to see how much he or she has advanced in each area of need. SoT staff will share those progress reports with you. And, of course, you can also request a conference with service providers if you are concerned about your student’s progress or services.

Program Description

  • What services does Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc., offer?
  • What kinds of training do Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc., service providers have?
    • SoT staff are trained to meet their professional certification needs. In addition to what is required by professional licensing, SoT staff receive additional training on SoT policies, procedures, and remediation instructional materials.
  • Where do SoT’s service take place?
    • We work with each family to determine the best place for the student to receive services. They can take place at a school, library, community center, the student’s home, or at the SoT center.
  • Does Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc., work with my student’s school or teachers?
    • Definitely. With your permission, SoT will work in partnership with your child’s classroom teacher (and your family) to ensure that progress is made. School visits and IEP meetings are standard practices for SoT service staff.

SOT Service Policies

Service Guarantee

  • Does Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc., offer a guarantee?
    • Absolutely. For students who are participating in math or reading remediation programs, if your child does not improve by the equivalent of one full grade level with only 40 hours of tutoring within a two-month time frame, we’ll give you an additional 12 hours of instruction for free.

Pricing and Payment

  • What is the cost of Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc., services?
    • Program pricing will vary because we customize our instruction to meet the specific needs of your child as well as the academic goals you set for your family. For exact rates for services, please contact SoT staff at
  • Who pays for SoT’s services?
    • Currently, services are paid for by the awarding of compensatory education services by an HOD, SA, or compensatory education plan from an LEA (DCPS or charter school). SoT will take care of all of the invoicing and payment collections from the LEA. Services are at no cost to you! Currently, SoT only has contracts with LEA such as DCPS or Charter Schools. Please contact us if your organization can benefit from SoT’s services.


  • How many times a week will my child come?
    • SoT works with you, your family, and the compensatory education plan to determine how many times each week a student can come. To meet your family’s busy schedule, we offer convenient hours, including after-school, evening, and weekend sessions.
  • How long will my student be at Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc.?
    • The length of your child’s tutoring program will depend on the specific academic needs identified and your student’s compensatory education award. Also, please click here to learn more about the SoT Guarantee.
  • My child can only attend Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc., over the summer break?
    • To meet your family’s busy schedule, we offer convenient hours, including after-school, evening, and weekend sessions and special summer programs, too!