What are Transition and Career Pathways Services?

Research supports the fact that one of the most challenging times in the life of a special education student can be during the transition from school to work. Unfortunately, many educators underestimate the challenges and only focus on the skills needed to earn a high school diploma, which leaves many students unprepared for life after school. SoT is dedicated to identifying the gaps in students’ special education services in order to provide the instruction needed to be successful as well as educating students and families about the services they are entitled to.

Many students, parents, and educators are not clear about all the transition services that special education students are entitled to under IDEA. Because of this, many students are unprepared to meet the expectation in employment, post-secondary education, and independent living. Many education professionals do not use the assessments, effective transition goals development, or instruction to give students the critical skills needed for success in life after school.

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SoT believes that certain critical components are necessary for student success with regard to transition services. If steps are missed or are completed out of sequence, it can impact students’ skill building and interfere with their ability to reach post-secondary career goals.

While students participate in these activities, continuous data tracking and assessments are critical. Certain positive and negative experiences along the way can drastically change student outcomes and transition goals regarding what they want to achieve in the future. Is your child getting all the transition services he or she deserves? By the time your special education student is 16 years old, transition services need to be included in your child’s IEP.