We all know that students with disabilities are twice as likely to drop out of school as their general education peers. For students with emotional disabilities, the statistics are even worse. You may have had to participate in meetings where the school district kicks special education students out of schools because the students are not attending. You may be frustrated because you just don’t have the tools or assessments you need to determine why your students are not attending and to give you direction on how to combat these negative behaviors.

Is your student displaying any of the following behaviors? If so, there is a high risk she might drop out.

  • Absenteeism
  • Multiple suspensions
  • Frequent behavior referrals
  • Credit deficiency
  • Low academic performance
  • Poor homework completion
  • Resistance to learning
  • Social isolation

Students who display these types of behaviors may need interventions that develop a connection to the academic environment – instead of punitive measures. Punitive measures can be counterproductive, and actually increase student disengagement.

Seeds of Tomorrow’s solutions include:

  • Dropout and Truancy Risk Assessments
  • Student Disengagement Intervention Services + Intervention Plan
  • Intervention Plan Monitoring