Seeds of Tomorrow Alternative Education Interim Placement Services are specifically designed for both identified and non-identified special education students grades 6 – 12 who require an alternative placement. These students may be:

  • Suspended from their regular school
  • Awaiting placement in another program
  • Awaiting an evaluation to determine special education eligibility

At Seeds of Tomorrow, students receive instruction from certified special education teachers and professional staff, with additional supports as needed. These supports include classes for credit, general education support, special education support, counseling, and speech and language services. This way, students continue to earn credits toward graduation and increase their skills. Students in the program participate in a blended learning environment where they receive a combination of online and classroom-based instruction. Our flipped classroom model ensures students spend more time engaged and learning. Our programs include:

  • Specialized Instruction Using Seeds of Tomorrow’s Curriculum-Our fundamental program includes 20 hours per week of specialized instruction with up to 7 classes for credit and 5 hours of engagement activities in the form of recreation, community service, or additional student supports. Students who enroll in 13 or more hours of services per week are considered full-time; fewer than 13 hours per week, part-time.
  • Specialized Instruction Using Sending School’s Curriculum-We strongly encourage students to participate in Seeds of Tomorrow’s online curriculum and flipped classroom for best results. However, if the sending school would prefer that the student complete its specific curriculum, see the attached PDF for applicable rates.
  • Reading and Math Bootcamp-Any student performing at a third grade level or below in reading and math will receive Wilson Reading and Touch Math services. Students receive a half-day of intensive reading, math and life skills in addition to taking classes for credit.
  • In-Home Instruction-Students unable to receive direct instruction at our tutoring center can receive special education services in their homes. Students can complete work from the sending school or use Seeds of Tomorrow’s online curriculum. For those students using our online curriculum who do not have internet access or a computer, we will provide a laptop computer and internet access after we receive a deposit from the school or family.
  • Related Services- Seeds of Tomorrow provides the following related services at our learning center:
    • Speech and Language Services
    • Counseling Services

Pricing is available on the attached PDF.