Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc. (SoT) goals for employment services are to give students the opportunity to earn equitable wages and other employment-related benefits, develop new skills, and experience increased community participation, enhanced self-esteem, increased consumer empowerment, and elevated quality of life.

Employment Services

Employment Services/Job Coaching

Increase Career Opportunities with SoT Services

Travel Training for students with disabilities provides access to the wider opportunities of society: employment, post-secondary education, job training programs, and recreation. Traveling by car, by cab, or by public transportation systems such as bus and subway enables them to go to work and come home, attend school or other training programs, visit friends, take care of daily needs such as grocery shopping, and enjoy recreational activities. For students who do not possess the skills for independence in transportation in order to get a job or access community resources, SoT helps provide them with the skills they need to access transportation services.

Job Coaching provides specialized on-site training to assist students with disabilities in learning and performing their job and adjusting to the work environment. Coaches can help students with disabilities navigate the different systems and problems they might encounter when starting employment. Job coaches also help students understand and build natural supports from supervisors and coworkers, providing feedback on job performance or/and learning a new skill together.

Supported Employment facilitates competitive work in integrated work settings for individuals with the most severe disabilities (i.e., psychiatric, mental retardation, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury), for whom competitive employment has not traditionally occurred, and who, because of the nature and severity of their disability, need ongoing support services in order to perform their job. Supported employment provides assistance such as job coaches, transportation, assistive technology, specialized job training, and individually tailored supervision. Supported employment moves people from dependence on a service delivery system to independence via competitive employment.

Rehabilitation Counseling Services are services provided by qualified personnel in individual or group sessions that focus specifically on career development, employment preparation, achieving independence, and integration in the workplace and community of a student with a disability.