Seeds of Tomorrow, Inc. provides many different services to students with special education needs. These services can be through a charter school, private school, juvenile detention center, and as compensatory education. Many of our students are eligible for compensatory education (comp ed) services through the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), free of charge to the parent. These students were found eligible due to a student IEP meeting, Settlement Agreement (SA), or Hearing Officer Determination (HOD) that they were in need of comp ed services. If students currently have a comp ed plan that needs to be implemented, or if a student is eligible, please read how SoT can help.

What is Compensatory Education?

Compensatory education may be offered or ordered if the District denies a student a free appropriate public education (FAPE). If an IEP team, due process specialist, or hearing officer determines that the student has not received services as written into the student’s IEP or that the District failed to provide an adequate program, which resulted in a loss of educational opportunity for the child, compensatory education may be offered. Compensatory education may include extended school-year services, additional therapy sessions, tutoring, school placement, camps, or other remedial measures in response to a student’s identified needs.

For parents, advocates, or attorneys who are in the process of developing a comp ed plan for a student, SoT can help with the entire process by providing assessments, school visits, record reviews, and comp ed plan development as well as by attending IEP meetings, testifying at hearings, and implementing services.

SoT Comp Ed Services

I have a plan and need comp ed services. How can SoT help?

For the past seven years, SoT has provided a variety of comp ed services to students throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area. We have helped students with camp, martial arts, related services, employment readiness programs, summer programs, mayor youth programs, academic tutoring, and intensive reading and math remediation, to name just a few. Every student is different, and SoT develops plans to meet each student’s individual needs. To learn more about our Academic Success Services or Career Pathway Services, please check out each link.

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