Seeds of Tomorrow provides special education services in reading, math, writing, career preparation, vocational training, related services, and more. We specialize in creating programs to fit your special education student’s unique needs – like our new YOUth Employment Challenge, Stay Connected™ e-mentoring program (with free student cell phones), truancy assessments, interventions and monitoring. We want to help your special education student be successful!

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We offer the following solutions for our students:

New Truancy and Dropout Risk Assessment and Interventions

Is your student displaying any of the following high-risk behaviors: absenteeism, multiple suspensions, low academic performance, or social isolation? If so, there is a high risk she might drop out. Students who display these types of behaviors may need interventions that develop a connection to the academic environment – instead of punitive measures. That’s why we’ve created our Truancy and Dropout Risk Assessment and Interventions.

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